Monday, April 4, 2011

Amy's Ice Cream - Austin, TX

Hit up Amy's again after dinner last night. Good as always. I sampled the Barbie Q and Shiner Ice Creams but opted to go with strawberry topped with hot fudge.

The Barbie Q was interesting, and I wasn't sure whether or not this was going to be smoke flavored like meat from the pit, or sweet and/or tangy like a bottled sauce. The answer was the latter, leaning toward the sweet side, as if you put a little KC Masterpiece or Bulls Eye on your favorite sweet cream ice cream and mixed it together. I didn't think it was bad, which was contrary to popular opinion, but it also wasn't one could have a lot of to answer the cry of a refreshing dessert.

The Shiner was much better and if you hadn't told me I'd have never guessed it was beer flavored. Just a subtle hint of Shiner Bock beer but otherwise just a good sweet ice cream that you could easily eat a cup or cone of.

My strawberry wwas excellent, but I think next time I'd go back to either Mexican vanilla or sweet cream, mashed up with fresh strawberries and then the hot fudge. The chunks of strawberry with their high quality basic ice creams just tastes a little better and more natural to me. Still though, not a bad trip down the street at all, especially since I got to see a scoop and ball of ice cream bounced off of the ceiling, separating the two, with the ice cream landing neatly in the cup.


Atmosphere:  funky ice cream shop

Food:  ice cream, shakes, sundaes

Dog Friendly:  yes

When to Go:  hot afternoon, after dinner, late

Crowd:  everyone

What to Order for the First Timer:  Mexican Vanilla

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