Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Deli - Austin, TX

Size doesn't matter.


This place is pretty good, and when you factor in the outdoor seating, isn't all that small anyway.  They market themselves as an authentic Jersey shore style deli and pizzeria.

Don't worry, they won't be there.

Seriously though, authentic Jersey, but I wouldn't know.  My only experience with the place is what I see on tv from these no-talent-ass-clowns, and I can't say that it's a compelling reason to check it out.

What I can say is that if you find yourself up in the north part of Austin, this is a good place to stop in for lunch.  Not so much a destination to seek out, as there are other good pizza and sandwich shops close in to town (I like Home Slice a lot for both a slice and a sub), but a great lunch stop if you're in the neighborhood.

I was passing through and had a craving for an Italian sub for lunch, so I stopped in and ordered one to take home and have later. But the pizza sitting in the case on the counter captivated me, and I ordered a slice of pepperoni to have while I was waiting.  Because that's what fat people do.  (I have a friend who once swung through McDonalds on his way to dinner, so I've learned from the best.)

Backing up though, this is a great place for carry out, pizza or sandwiches, and not a bad spot to eat at on a nice day.  There are only about five tables, small at that, inside, but several large picnic tables outside underneath a massive tree which provides great shade if you can avoid the bird crap.  It's an order at the counter and they bring their food to you operation, but without any Jersey attitude or fake tans.  Just a good, neighborhood spot.

Pizza was great.  Thin, chewy crust with a crispy layer on the bottom.  Piping hot with a sauce on the sweet side with an above average garlic content.  Cheese was falling everywhere, and the pepperonis provided a very nice grease content, but all is able to be captured with the standard fold.

The sandwich was for later, and it travelled well.  Nothing special about this thing, just a good sandwich by way of a great roll, good quality meats, and a heavy-on-the-vinegar dose of oil and vinegar to cut through the fat.  Garnished only with shredded lettuce and tomato, the flavors and textures mesh very well, and as a traveler, the bread held its own.

At six bucks the sandwich is nicely sized, and without a slice of pizza as an appetizer, would be perfect in filling you up but not stuffing you.  I ate half of mine (which, FYI, is NOT what fat people do), and packed the other half away for breakfast tomorrow.  Oddly, I'm a soggy sub kind of guy.  I love it fresh, but love an Italian sub equally, if not more, cold, soggy and leftover.  Sue me.


Atmosphere:  small deli, nice outdoor seating, limited seating inside, great for carry out, good for a group on a nice day

Food:  sandwiches and pizza

Dog Friendly:  yes

When to Go:  lunch, carry-out dinner

Crowd:  no guidos, no fake tans, no fatchicks

What to Order for the First Timer:  slice of pizza

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