Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Peached Tortilla - Austin, TX

Oh Wow

Is this place ever incredible. This is a food truck to seek out, at any point but it really hits the spot after an evening at the bars and you can usually find it late on weekend evenings parked inconspicuously behind Star Bar on west 6th. The first time I saw this and had it was several weeks ago when some friends were in town and we were imbibing at it's next door neighbor. A combined 700 pounds of us (just three of us) were in desperate need of a food fix and The Peached Tortilla was a convenience call, and I had full expectations of it serving up overpriced and underwhelming food trying to capitalize on the trendy drunk freespenders of this upscale watering hole.


My hopes heightened when I looked at the menu and saw it full of incredible combinations of half snack, half meal items focused on tacos, sliders and fries all of the fusion persuasion, though no set genre. Still though, I couldn't help but think, are they just teasing me with items like pork belly tacos and sliders, pimento cheese fries, and brisket tacos, or would they produce. Well they produce. They produce some of the best trailer food in a city full of trailers, which is why last night in a haze of Makers Mark I dragged MLWMG out of our way to go there for some tasty treats. Once again, they did not disappoint.

We started with an order of Belgian Fries, and I left it to them as to what to serve or toss them with...peach mint, truffle mayo, bacon ranch, smoky roasted peach BBQ, sriracha mayo, or their own pimento cheese spread. They chose the latter. Dark deep fried fries not overly doused with a terrific pimento cheese spread and served in a cardboard tray perfect for eating on the run. These things were incredible and the perfect way to sop up any excess liquor still trying to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

From there we opted to sample a few of the other items, first and foremost the bahn mi tacos. Vietnamese braised pork belly with pickled daikon and carrot salad, sriracha mayo and cilantro. The pork was incredibly tender and flavorful and though certainly laden with fat, not greasy or fatty feeling at all. The daikon and carrot salad was a perfect compliment to it, adding a crisp, fresh, and cool crunch to the taco, as well as a cooling effect to the spicy sriracha mayo. I daresay this is probably the best trailer item in town. Mrs. Gordo was very impressed, as was I.

We decided to compare it to the slider of the same name, which was exactly the same, with same great flavors and textures, but served on a small, fresh, warm bun. Incredible too, though I think I'm partial to the taco version. We rounded it out with the BBQ brisket taco, a mix of tender-as-all-hell beef brisket, creamy slaw and a smoky roasted peach BBQ sauce. Do I really need to tell you how it was? Alright I will. IT WAS DAMN GOOD!

These guys really know what they're doing, and I urge you to hit their website, figure out where they are, and seek them out wherever they are when you're in the mood for a sampling of highly innovative and perfectly executed cuisine for lunch, dinner, snacking or late night. I know there is fantastic food truck fare in Austin, but for all I've had so far, this one marks the top of my list.


Atmosphere: food truck, no seating

Food: southern, Mexican, BBQ, Asian, Belgian fusion

Dog Friendly: it's a truck

When to Go: after the bars, lunch, dinner

Crowd: the sober-challenged, locals, trendsters, hipsters, 20somethings, 30somethings

What to Order for the First Timer: bahn mi tacos and pimento cheese fries

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