Friday, April 15, 2011

Haddington's Menu Update - Austin, TX

Stopped into Haddington's last night to have a cocktail, with the primary purpose of checking out the new menu.

I was relieved to see the menu hadn't changed all that much, it's the same high end pub food consisting primarily of meats and fish with just minor modifications.

Gone are some of the more UK items like lamb pie, lamb sandwich, rabbit fricassee, British meatballs and much to my dismay, the foie link, replaced with some more traditional additions of fish, including a fish of day, and more American meat like beef, pork and chicken.  While all of those others were absolutely fantastic, I'm guessing they didn't appeal to all customers, and were therefore slow movers, so no doubt they are making room for dishes of the same quality but which may be more popular here.

The toast pots, Scotch eggs, fish and chips, and strip steaks are all still there, as well as the stew of the day and the soup of the day, so my opinion of this place hasn't changed a bit.  It's still fantastic.

Also, as they do periodically, the drink menu has some new items on it, and I was happy to see Tiffany's Stranger on the Highway has officially hit the menu.  A rye based concoction with marischino, bitters and a couple of other tasty ingredients, this drink is as smooth as Mr. Bean in a psych ward.



Atmosphere - good place for the solo traveler, good place to belly up, good place to go with a group, good place to take a date, good place to meet after work, good place to meet new people, no tvs

Food - Excellent, Upscale English

Time to Go - happy hour, for dinner, or after dinner for drinks

Crowd - primarily 20somethings and 30somethings, groups of dressed up girls, groups of dressed up guys, mixed groups, attractive affluents, hotchicks, Irish hooligans

What to Order if You're a First Timer - Foie Gras Link, Duck Meatloaf, Fish & Chips, Duck Liver Mousse Toast Pot

Dog Friendly - most likely not despite outdoor area which you have to go inside first to get to

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