Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thai Away - Dallas, TX

Lunch with a friend today at the relatively new Thai Away in Preston Center in Dallas.  Didn't realize it's almost entirely a take-out and delivery place, and thereby had no tables except for two small ones outside, which was fine, because we snagged one of them.

Pretty straightforward Thai menu with some Chinese options.  Several types of noodles, fried rices and stir-fry, with your choice meat, as well as each type of Thai curry.

I went simple.  Spicy Basil Noodles.

Introduced myself as Ty Land, and told them to give me the heat from the homeland, and none of that American palate junk.  My bearded white friend behind the counter laughed, said they were the real deal, and that medium was very spicy and recommended.

I ordered extra extra hot.  We settled on extra hot.

Could have gone a couple of notches higher for sure, didn't even break a sweat.   So, the way I figure it, either the real stuff isn't nearly as hot as I imagine it to be, or my habanero eating habits have rendered me completely unable to measure heat.

Anyway, the noodles.  Tons of 'em.  I got mine with pork and they were very well done.  Vegetable mix was fresh, sauce and spice flavorful, and the vegetable egg roll I got on the side for an extra buck was also good, served with a small portion of Thai chili sauce.

Now, as for the place.  Don't let the fact that there are no or just a few tables out keep you from going there for lunch.  Whatever you see, just ask the guy if they've got any more tables, and one may just appear.  As for dinner, I'd recommend getting it carry out or delivered.  Good spot.  Give it a shot.


Atmosphere:  small storefront carry-out

Food:  Thai, Chinese

Dog Friendly:  no

When to Go:  lunch, carry-out or delivery for dinner

Crowd:  local business

What to Order for the First Timer:  I recommend the spicy basil noodles

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