Thursday, April 28, 2011

El Sazon De Gto - Austin, TX


If you find yourself driving on the winding roads of the hill country just fifteen minutes or so due west of downtown Austin on a crisp, clear morning, how are you NOT going to stop at this place when it jumps up on you "just up around the bend" in the middle of seemingly nowhere?


You stop.

So I did.

And I was not disappointed.

Seriously, this place caught me by surprise when I rounded a curve and the trees and brush opened up to a small pasture with angelic-like rays of sunlight bursting through the trees on this serene little outdoor eatery.  So much so that, at the posted 35 mile an hour speed limit of course, I flew right by it and had to double back for what ended up being a quick, relaxing breakfast amongst only the noises of nature, and a damn good breakfast taco.

The people living the in the Sterling Acres area of town along the south bank of Lake Austin are incredibly fortunate to have this semi-secret little place in their neighborhood, because I'm certain that because of it's location 95% of its customers come from the neighboring secluded houses in the woods.  It's not a place anyone would just happen to drive by unless they're visiting friends in the area.  For you all, if you're in the mood for a short drive through the hills on a nice morning, I recommend making your way west for a nice breakfast over the morning paper, of which they have several copies available.

As far as food trailer atmosphere goes, it gives G'Raj Mahal a run for the money, and may actually nudge it out of the top spot just given the surroundings.

I ordered my standard chorizo egg taco, and asked for fresh jalapenos, but since they were out I opted for some freshly made pico de gallo instead.  Given the choice of red or green salsa, I opted for the green, the hotter of the two.

Wow, great taco, primarily because of the eggs and pico.  The soft tortilla was amply mounded with incredibly fluffy scrambled eggs, scattered with just a small amount of bacon bit sized and textured chorizo which was dry, by design and not unappetizingly so at all, but very flavorful.  The pico added an awesome fresh flavor to what was already an incredibly fresh tasting breakfast taco.  I could have eaten two, but one was just fine given the size.  The salsa was a perfect compliment, providing heat but not overpowering the flavor nor the overall enjoyment.  I got my taco within two minutes of ordering, but it certainly wasn't one that had been sitting around by any means.

So shhhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell anybody that this gem is here, save it for yourself.  Ok, just tell a few, because this is a place that you want to have around, so keep 'em in business.


Atmosphere:  food trailer, great outdoor seating area, covered, great for a relaxing breakfast alone or with family and friends

Food:  tacos and burritos

Dog Friendly:  yes

When to Go:  breakfast

Crowd:  neighbors

What to Order for the First Timer:  breakfast taco with eggs and pico de gallo

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