Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Capitol Pub - Dallas, TX

Friday was about perfect in Dallas as far as weather was concerned, so I grabbed the dogs and headed over to Capitol Pub again to meet a friend for lunch.  

Got the Capitol Burger this time, and I recommend you do the next time you go.

This burger is fantastic.  Thick patty of flavorful ground beef with a char-grilled flavor which oozes juice with every bite.  Served on a soft, toasted bun with dijon mustard, bacon, caramelized onions, with your choice of Maytag blue or Cotswold cheese.  I love a bacon and blue burger, but it's not often that you find the herb laced Cotswold offered on a burger, so I went with it and wasn't disappointed.  Onions are cooked to the point of being sweet and soft, which contrasts perfectly with the sharp cheese and smoky, crisp bacon.  

I think I've mentioned the fries here before, but I'll do it again because they are awesome.  Fried and tossed with parsley and fresh, chopped garlic, they scream with flavor, AND be sure to get a dipping sauce or two with them, they have several to choose from.  I opted for the french onion and the traditional curry.  The french onion was a very mild carmelized onion and sour cream mix, which was good but frankly think I'll reserve for potato chips.  The curry was an excellent blend of sweet and spicy with strong curry flavoring and the consistency of a whole grain mustard.  Went excellent with the fries and was a good option to slather on a bite or two of the burger.  

I wish Capitol Pub was open every day for lunch, particularly in this short window of nice weather we have down here before the heat kicks in.  But alas, only on Fridays during the week, so head that way and get your fill on Friday, and roll it into happy hour.  Selection of beers, both by the bottle and on tap are excellent, with a full range of styles and countries represented.  


Atmosphere:  upscale pub, indoor and outdoor seating both covered and uncovered, bar seating, see and be seen, great place on a nice day, great place for happy hour, great place for beer, good for groups, good place for a visitor to grab a bite and drink solo

Food:  upscale pub, appetizers, burgers and sandwiches

Dog Friendly:  yes

When to Go:  lunch (Fridays and Saturdays), happy hour, dinner, late

Crowd:  20somethings, 30somethings, trendsters, yuppies, douchers, cougars, hotchicks, groups of girls, groups of dudes, mixed groups, students

What to Order for the First Timer:  Capitol Burger with fries

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